Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to set up a web site?
You will need a domain name, e.g.., hosting on a web server and probably an Email account.
How do I get a domain name?
OCS will arrange it for you if you do not already have one.
I already have a domain name, can this be used?
Yes, however some companies offer free domain names but it is more professional to buy a dedicated domain name, such as
What is hosting and how do I get it?
Web hosting is a service that allow you access to the Internet. OCS use secure servers with a proven track record of stability. Hosting carries an annual charge of around £80.
Is Email included in the hosting package?
Yes, if your web address is then you can have multiple email accounts attached to it, such as or
How long will it take to get my website on the Internet?
Generally speaking, a ‘regular’ site can be up and running within a week or two, although this is dependent on agreeing the design and receiving any specific artwork or graphics that you would like included. More complicated sites, such as E-commerce with shopping cart facilities will take longer. OCS will endeavour to meet any deadline that you have.
How will the site be maintained?
OCS offer a maintenance package for a small monthly fee.
What is included in the monthly maintenance package?
Site monitoring to ensure that it runs correctly and smoothly. Continual search engine optimisation so that you will be seen by the major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. Regular updates and changes.
Can I cancel my maintenance contract?
Yes, payments are by standing order with your bank so you just need to contact them if you want to cancel. All we ask is that you give us one month’s notice.
Who owns the site?
You do. Once you have paid for the design you are free to move it to another hosting agency should you choose.
I already have a site, can it be updated?
Yes, although we may suggest that you move your hosting and domain name to the OCS server, but it is not essential.
How much will it cost?
Prices for an average static site will generally be around £350 plus the cost of hosting (see above). Some sites, particularly e-commerce will be more. Please call for more details.